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how can wire up my pan tilt motors( which are reversible dc) with the stop switches, ??? Answered

I recently bought a pan tilt head on ebay that did not come with a controller the motors are 12v reversing motors they work fine,
it also has stop switches for pan and tilt.
Ok so the stop switches stop the camera from going too far one or the other so when i wire them in to the power wire to stop the current
when the camera goes to far that works but because of the reversing motor i cant use either switch to start  the motor again .
what is the cheapest way to do this Thank you for reading.


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Best Answer 9 years ago

If your happy to use switches or relays to control the motors this diagram will work.

The Double pole double throw centre off switch will change the direction of the motor whilst the limits allow stopping at the end of travel BUT allow the motor to go in the other direction

For Pan AND Tilt you would need 2 one for each motor.

Pan tilt.jpg

Answer 9 years ago

made a similar image a while back -- in case it was at all confusing -- just put a limit switch on one black motor wire for minimum travel, and one pink motor wire for maximum travel. (limit switches not actually pictured)