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how can you non-toxically and permanently remove an active wasp nest, which is located inside an air conditioner? Answered

The air conditioner is in second-floor window. Every few days one or two wasps (? paper wasps; lower New York) find their way into the room; these I kill. All other active wasps go in and out of the air conditioner on the outdoors side. Two years ago this same scenario happened ... I left them alone and read that they rarely inhabit the same nest the following year, which was true in my case, and therefore I vacuumed out the nest in the air conditioner and used it last year. This year they are back! How can I permanently get rid of them?



10 years ago

A few semi-uninformed thoughts: It is possible to purchase fake wasp nests; it is claimed that wasps avoid other wasps and hanging one of these near your AC might scare them off. I haven't tried it. Outside of that... It's different wasps every time. Nothing you can do to one summer's wasps is going to keep another wasp from moving in next year. I suppose you could try to find some sort of repellant, but I haven't heard of one. Or the obvious: wrap the AC in mosquito netting or "hardware fabric" or something of that sort, so they don't get into it in the first place. That won't keep them from nesting under it or next to it, but it should reduce the odds of their getting into the works and making a mess or coming through it into the apartment. Closing other holes to outside remains an exercise for the reader. Good luck.