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how can you screen print a belt? ? Answered

 so i have been trying to figure out how to screen a belt, i have done it a few times and  when it is done it will just rub right off.  after i dried it, i dont have a heat gun i just a iron 



9 years ago

I think you're going to need to print with something that actually soaks into the leather and bonds to it or dyes it. It would probably help if you start with a belt which hasn't previously been waxed or sealed. 

Unfortunately, my experience with screen printing doesn't include anything which would work particularly well in this situation.

(Of course the traditional way to decorate a belt would be to tool the leather.)


Answer 9 years ago

Yeah, it sounds like the answer here is to use leather paint. Dye would probably work too, but you'd have to be really careful because it's so thin and runny. Might make for fuzzy edges.