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how do I bend sheet glass for a curved cabnet? Answered

I need to bend glass for a display cabnet. I an not sure how to do this. Can anyone help a do it yourselfer?



10 years ago

With a large kiln at about 2000 degrees F and a slumping mold. If you use plexiglass, depending on which one (acrylic, polycarbonate, ect) you can heat it to about 400 degrees F and bend it. SOMETIMES you can use thin plastic and bend it to shape, holding it in with the framework, but it will always be under stress and break easily. You could look into glass suppliers to see if the curve matches any semi-standard form. If the design is your own, you may be out of luck : (


Answer 10 years ago

thanks I followed your advice and did a search . I found a company here in Calif that will bend to my specs for about 150 each. Sounds like a fair price to m. Thanks again Ted.