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how do I boost my LW reception in my car Answered

I hesitate to ask this question in this forum as I might not understand the answer! I live in Ireland and am not a big fan of most of the dross on the radio, since I have to commute about 2.5 hours a day in my car I need something to listen to. I like BBC radio 4, but the nearest transmitter is a very very long way away, its coming from either Northern Ireland or across the irish sea from Walse. So the signal is always 'noisy' and often too 'noisy' to listen to.

I can only pick up the Long wave (LW) signal as I am too far for the FM band.

So is there a way that I can boost the signal? I have seen some noise reducers (they probably have a real techie name) that you put between the arial and the car, would that help?

any ideas ??


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10 years ago

thanks for that caitlinsdad, interesting stuff on that link