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how do I energize AC Christmas light with DC power? Answered

I have a set of 50 Christmas lights on a circuit.  120V /  0.17amps.  What can I make to power up this string of lights?  I need to make it mobile so an inverter is out of the question.




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9 years ago

I got an answer for your question.
May be this can help you...

What I did to light the AC lights by DC power?

Photo 1. I cut off a pair of lights from a full length Christmas light series.

Photo 2. Then took batteries connected or a whole big voltage battery,
and connected the wires to other ends.
Photo 3. The series got enlightened due to this power,
but this power was insufficient to let the series
awake for a long time.
Photo 4. You may need some sort of big battery that
fulfills the demand of power needed
to light up the Christmas light series which you have.

I guess this may give you a clue on what to do.
I might try calculating the ampere and voltage it will require
to successfully do the work!

Do reply with a word.

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9 years ago

Ok. It seems I may help you a bit.
If you have a parallel connected lights, which needs AC power supply from the wall socket.
Since you want to make them handy, powering them up by DC power,
did you try connecting them to similar current battery?

I have marked your question, and I will test myself this thing.
Please wait for a days time for me to get a full-proof question...:)

Thank you