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how do I fake a color offset print of a 1940's pulp comic book with today's laser digital printers and bond paper? Answered

I need to print a comic book image in the same style and paper as the comic books of the 1940s...but real offset printing will only print hundreds or thousands of copies - and I just need 4 or 5. I have thought about printing digitally on modern bond paper and then aging the paper with tea, but I dont know if that will work. If anyone's done this before and wouldnt mind sharing their experiment results with me, I'd be very grateful! :) thanks! Javier



8 years ago

this page has a really great article on old process coloring. http://jonnycrossbones.com/tutorials/how-to-color-like-a-little-old-lady/


10 years ago

There should be a halftone effect available in your graphics application. Wash out your colors and lines a little as well, to give them a faded look. That should get your artwork looking right. Just remember to print it with the highest quality settings so those fine details come out. Old comics were printed on thinner newsprint paper but for a "fake," modern bond is fine. Yup, you can age the paper with coffee or tea, but I'd do that BEFORE printing so that the coffee or tea doesn't affect the ink/toner. For that matter, you can check your office supply store for a pre-aged paper if you wish.