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how do I fix an XBox 360 controller cable? Answered

My cat chewed the cord on my XBox 360 controller and now the RED LED is on on the Xbox power supply and the unit will not power up. How can I replace the cord to my controller?




4 years ago

Is it possible to connect the controller end to a micro usb female cable, and then use a regular data cable to connect to the pc? Something similar to a PS3 style controller?
My wires tend to bend a lot, which has been the reason for my problems mostly, so would like to know if this could work. Thanks


Answer 4 years ago

Sorry I don't know the answer to this. I have never plugged an XBox controller into a PC. Good luck.


9 years ago

I could be wrong, but I don't think the red ring of death has anything to do with what controllers are plugged in.  The simplest way to fix the controller is to simply get a new one, unless you can solder the wires back together where the cat chewed it. 


Answer 7 years ago

This is the red LED on the power supply. not the RED RING OF DEATH which is a different issue.


Answer 9 years ago

There are different death lights -- I think one is connected hardware failure. (usb overcurrent + shutdown, etc).


7 years ago




9 years ago

I had the same problem with my XBox controller cable. A short circuit in the cable was causing the power supply to shut down and light up the RED LED. I found a standard USB cable and cut the end that doesnt go in the USB port off. This is the smaller end that would normally go to a printer or a camera. I stripped the insulation off every wire but the black wire. Then I opened the XBox controller (remove 7 screws on the back, one is hidden under the label). I cut off the RED, WHT, GRN and shield wires where they connect to the controller. When the you are looking at the controller with this connector closest to you, there are 5 pins on this connector. Pin 1 is not connected to anything, Pin 2 is Shield, Pin 3 is GRN, Pin 4 is WHT and Pin 5 is RED. Then I carefully soldered the wires from my new USB cable using this color scheme above. I put some small pieces of electrical tape between the pins of the connector to keep things from shorting out. Then I applied some silicone sealant over this connector to glue things in place. A hot glue gun will work too and probably even better. Then I wrapped some electrical tape (about 4 turns) around the cable where it enters the controller case so it will have a strain relief if something pulls on the cable. Then I reassembled the case and made sure the cable would not pull out of the case when I tugged on it. It worked and it was free if you have a spare USB cable.


9 years ago

I had a cat like that a while back. It chewed through several Gamecube and Xbox controllers. After a while it got a power cord to a lamp that was turned on. After that shock it didn't chew on cords again.

Here is how I fixed my controllers:
1. Strip the wires
2. Match up each wire color from the cord
3. Twist them together
4. Seal it up with some tape

(Ideally, you would want to solder the wires together)

You may want to examine your power cord too, just to make sure that hasn't been chewed on.