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how do I get a donated wheelchair accessible van for my disabled son? Answered


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11 years ago

In the UK, the first step is to contact Motability - if they can't supply one for free, they can help you raise the money to get one.

Otherwise, there are charities that work to support victims of specific conditions - a couple of minutes with google should turn up the specific charities that are concerned with your son's condition in your area. Again, if they cannot help directly, they will be able to help with fundraising.

Finally, you could try asking. Talk to local car dealers, and ask if they could sponsor your son by giving you a suitable vehicle in exchange for it saying "Generously supplied by..." on the side, and letting them feature their generosity to your son in the media (the cost of the van could be worth more than traditional advertising methods). You could make the same request of other locally-based large companies that like to present a "friendly" face to the public (such as large chemical companies, power stations, heavy engineering...).