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how do I get an electronic device made? Answered

Hi folks,

I am new to this forum so please ignore and naivity / stupidty on my part and I hope this is the right place to ask this type of question. I need help and am appealing to anyone who knows anything about getting an Electronic Device Made.

Basically, I require a Bi-Directional People Counter to put in the doorways of venues to count footfall in and out of a given location. It needs to be wireless (Battery operated), easily attached to a doorway/entrance (adhesively) so light weight and able to transmit the data back to our servers (probably via the venue wireless).

I have an idea about what type of sensor I need (PIR) and the basic components within the device like battery, circuit board, wireless transmitter etc and I know I will require some sort of algorithm to aggregate/calculate the data and send it back to our servers.

My problem is that I am not an engineer and can obviously only get so far and I don't know what to do next. From my research it would seem I need to get an Industrial Designer and a Manufacturing Engineer but both of these seem to be further down the process than what I need first.

What I need is;

1. someone (an expert) who can understand the business problem I have and create the electronic device to solve it. Ie. design the circuit, tell me what type of battery I need, what type of sensors we should be using, code the algorithm to make it work and what the subsequent output of their design will be etc and for them to then produce these designs, PCB, Bill of Materials etc.

2. someone I can then take that data to and tell them to make it look pretty (presumably the Industrial Designer) by designing the case/aesthetics etc

3. to then have all the required information (functional designers / circuitry, mould/casing etc) to take to a manufacturer to put the final product together, ready for sale.

Does anyone know what type of company or person I should be talking to for each phase? What are people called that do phase 1 that I outlined?

Basically, I think I know what I need in terms of technology and its capabilities but I now need a professional/expert to take over to make it a reality.

Any help or advice on this would be hugely appreciated as I'm getting a bit muddled and would love some clarity on the process so I can move forward in which ever direction is now appropriate?

Thanks all!



4 years ago

Hi All, thanks for your responses. I know that these type of devices are nothing new but I need a slightly different slant to them created. Also, manufacturing at the quantity I require makes sense from a cost perspective rather than buying an off the shelf solution. which could run into the hundreds of thousands. I will continue with my research. thanks again.


4 years ago

I'd look it up in google, Someone Must have made one already !

Otherwise look for a Industiarl Controlls company, they could fix something up !


4 years ago

I guess a radrar detector would be the better option as they work bi-directional.
Still you would need a way to "seperate" the people.
Such sensors already exist and some are used for the pedestian crossing at traffic lights.


4 years ago

You could start by asking here. There are bound to be people here who can do the design for you, and who may even be manufacturers.