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how do I make laser cut looking greeting cards without a laser cutter? Answered



9 years ago

You could find a service to do it for you.
gives free samples, you should try them out!
You can download InkScape for free and start learning how to make vector drawings if you don't know already. It's really easy! You can scan a drawing and trace it.


10 years ago

You need to get really good at using an x-acto knife. Maybe get a things like eraser shields and drafting tools like triangles and french curves, templates to use as a guide to make nice cuts. Print the design backwards on the back and cut out. It will take you longer to do intricate work. They also have the CriCut machine at craft stores. Imagine an inkjet printer with a dot-puncher for the print head. It will score out your design but I think it only does patterns with the cartridges you buy with the designs loaded on them. Still expensive. Good luck.