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how do I make super big sparks? Answered

I want to make super giant sparks to imppressive my friends because they don't think I'm really advacned And i am But I don't have time to think Of how to make somthing to impresvive them. I don't want any critism I just want answers.Sorry if I sound a little rude. Really sorry If i sound rude. I would like it to be like 1-2' long. Thanxs a ton



Best Answer 10 years ago

A Leyden Jar, (Laay-Duhn Jar) or Leiden Jar, could make 1 1/2 inch sparks, however you would need a very large container. If you search Leyden Jar Doom on the instructable search engine, you will find instructions on a 5 gallon Leyden Jar. I have multiple small ones, and their pretty sweet. I get about centimeter long sparks from one made from a pill bottle. Search Wikipedia and Instructables, have fun, -RoAr


9 years ago

any flash camera works you just take thew bask off so the circuit board is open and charge it up than tap the two capacitor terminals with a MAINS SCREWDRIVER and you get very big loud sparks, i modified mine and sent it through a motor run capacitor and another flash capacitor, it made huge sparks.

be careful though half charged up and you get a shock, it kills your arm
fully charged up and it kills


Answer 8 years ago

 it wont KILL!!! but REALLY hurt. unless its over 50 Joules or more, it can be lethal!! To calculate Joules: SQUARE the VOLTAGE, MULTIPLY that AMOUNT by the CAPACITY in MICROFARADS, and DIVIDE this
AMOUNT by 2,000,000. This is the energy stored in the capacitor. in this case its only 0.000866


8 years ago

build a tesla coil!!! but be carfull!!! it makes huge continuous sparks (called arks) into the air!!!!   here are some pics!!!