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how do I paint on rubber? Answered

I found this adorable rubber dragon in the bargain bin of my local toystore and would like to paint it to give it a costumized look.

Unfortunately the toy is made from a material i'm not to familiar with.
it's very stretch and it seems to me like it is made from supple rubber.
It's sort of reminds me of a dog toy.

so now I'm trying to find out what type of paint I can and can't use as I don't want it to start flaking.

I'don't mind if the toy becomes stiff. I'd will be more of a display item anyway.

Could I use spray paint? should I prime it? should i strip the current paint, and which solvent would be best that wouldn' destroy the toy.

Any help will be very much appreciated.



5 years ago

If it is indeed made up of rubber, then you can colour it with some pen colours, but it may get mixed up with the original colour


5 years ago

Don't deface poor Spyro. But if you must then use acrylic paints.


Answer 5 years ago

I didn't know it was Spyro (I never got into the games). Interesting.
I am definitely persuaded to keep the original scheme, but I do need to clean up the paint quite a bit. shody craftmanship n stuff.