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how do I put a trampoline together? Answered

I was given a trampoline and I want to put it together, how does one do this?


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11 years ago

I am assuming that this is a typical trampoline, not one that has fiberglass rods for springs. Begin by getting a helper, then sorting the pieces into piles. Take the round pieces and place them with the leg connectors facing down and slide them together to create a circle. Then take the legs ( the U shaped pieces) and lift one edge of the main circle and insert the legs into the connectors. Do this for all the legs (typically 4 or 6 legs) . Take the main black mat and place it right side up (the spring attachments are sewed on the bottom) and spread it out on the ground inside the frame. If your frame has corners, then align the corners of the mat with the frame. If the frame has no corners, then no worry. Attach the mat to the frame with one spring at each corner, or about 12 springs around it. ***Make sure the pointy ends of the springs point DOWN***Attach the remaining springs to the mat and frame.
Hope this helps