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how do I test my hub motor, it dosn't work a tall, there was a short crcuit? Answered

I replaced the controller but this had no afect



10 years ago

If you have access to a multi meter disconnect the controller from the hub. Connect the multimeter to the hub and set on DC volts range,say 20 volts. Next spin the hub and check for a voltage output. Alternatively try connecting an auto bulb to the hub and give it a spin. If neither method produces a result you may have a problem. Finally if the above tests seem OK hook up a 12 volt heavy duty battery to the hub motor, make connections to the hub first but include a high amperage car type fuse in one of the lines to the battery ( just to protect against a heavy discharge current ) if all is well the hub should turn...may be slow. Check out all your wiring and connections for tightness, hub motors draw heavy currents while on load so a bad or loose connection can be a problem and don't forget to check any in line circuit fuses. Hope this helps. Regards.


Answer 10 years ago

My bldc motor has 3 wires, blue green amd yellow. To carry out your tests, which wires should produce voltage, and with applied voltage,make the motor spin?


10 years ago

What exactly happened - "a short circuit"? L