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how do i add an extra output to my r/c reciever circut board and remote control? Answered

hi, i was wondering, how do you add an extra output to a r/c reciever circut?
what i have is a reciever from a small r/c truck, and im planning on turning it into a tank that requires 3 out puts , not 2 that the reciever has.

curently, my controller has 2 levers for making either side of the truck move, both and the truck moves forward 1 and it spins, what i need is a third lever to operate a relay to set off a cannon.
what i have currently is a second reciever that opperates on a different frequency to the truck, could i possibly merge the two without using a second controller?


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10 years ago

ONly way is that some receivers also use the battery input for a channel.  If your receiver is that way then you get a connector that has two plug ins and both your battery and a servo plugs into the same socket.

I only did rc airplanes and several of my receivers worked this way.

If your's doesn't then there is not a chance to add another output but rewiring.


Answer 10 years ago

exellent, how do i rewire then, do you know, or do you know a site that does?