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how do i build an aircraft out of paper that can stay up in the air for a long time and fly straight to its target? Answered

Hello everyone out there,

I would like to to design and construct a “flying” device. There are two design criteria for this device.

1. The device must stay in the air as long as possible.

2. The device must land as close as possible to a given target.

Each team must construct their device using any or all of the following materials.

Three sheets of 8½" x 11" paper

Adhesive tape

One 3" x 5" index card

Four paper clips

A pair of scissors

Amos Attigah



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11 years ago

Hit a library. There are several good books of prize-winning paper airplane designs. If you're going to ask for help rather than trying to design your own, you might as well go right to the experts.