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how do i create wooden photo blocks? Answered

actually i kind of already know. but my question is that i am creating them using archival/giclee prints. so i need an acid free glue to stick the print onto the wood. would modge podge work for this and as a coating? thanks! -deirdre



Best Answer 10 years ago

Yup Mod Podge works. It comes in many varieties: http://www.plaidonline.com/apmp.asp#ModPodgeBrands Some of which may be better or worse for your prints than others. I can't tell you how well it protects or destroys your prints, but we've had good results. There's a plaque on my wall made with Mod Podge which features a photo. It's now over 20 years old with no sign of degradation.

Other products I've seen used to the same ends:

Varnishes and Sealers : Oil based, water based, etc... I've seen them done. No idea how long each lasts. In this category I'd suggest pure Shellac, in an archival grade, from a craft store.

Resins : There's a couple of clear resin kits out there, check your hardware store paints section or your craft store. Read the label to see how it's applied and whether they say it's safe for photos.

Good luck with your project!