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how do i extend a non threaded steerer tube on a bike? Answered

It has a quell type arrangement. i need to extend it probably 5 or 6 inches for a project i am building. Any one have any good ideas?



8 years ago

There are two ways that I can think of: 1) You can use something to extend the quill. You need something like this: http://www.decathlon.co.uk/EN/1-quot-adjustable-quill-stem-69509049/ Some are adjustable like this, others are a straight tube. I've used both and I'd suggest the straight tube as these variable ones tend to flex/move a little and it gets really annoying. I don't think you'll get 5/6 inches from these though on there own, maybe max. 4ins. 2) Buy some bent/higher shaped handlebars (and add to the above). I've also tried to use handlebar bar ends on a shorter handlebar section, but less successfully. You attach the first handlebar ends vertically at the ends of a short length of handlebar, then attach handlebar ends at right angles horizontally to these, a la Easy Rider for the new handgrips. Alternatively, try BMX handle bars or a recovered handlebar from an old folding bike (these tend to be heavy though but have a lot of extra lift). Whatever you do, make sure they are strong enough and safe enough, failed handlebars tend to have a deleterious effect on correct steering. Good luck and let me know how you solve it, I might be able to use your ideas!