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how do i flirt? Answered

Please give me some flirting techniques.



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Remember that non-verbal cues are incredibly important to watch.  It's not just what you say, but how you say it - with your voice and your body.  When people sense a dating prospect, their awareness of the "little things" becomes heightened, even if only on a sub-conscious level.  Many just chalk it up to "vibe".

Be yourself, and relax.  You need to let him know that you're comfortable talking to him.  Make eye contact when you speak, and always maintain that eye contact when he speaks.  Keep the conversation light, and have fun.  Remember to let yourself laugh naturally (as opposed to forcing laughter).

General signs of awkwardness are obvious when you think about them.  Eyes that dart suddenly away, wincing, eyes that don't smile when he does, or gestures such as rubbing his neck or closing his posture by crossing his arms can mean he's uncomfortable or just not digging you right now.  Things such as fidgeting or rapidly tapping objects (if your seated at a table) can mean this too.  Also, if he's insecure, both hands will be crammed down his pockets; if seated, he may rock front to back a little bit.

If you see stuff like this, back off just a little, and remember that it doesn't necessarily mean he's repulsed by you - he could just be having an off day, has something on his mind, or maybe is a little insecure about himself (maybe he wishes he'd worn a better outfit or had a chance to remove spinach from his teeth; yes, we can be every bit as self-conscious as women in the presence of a flirt).  Pay him a compliment, and lighten the conversation a bit.  If you back off a little and you still sense he's not feeling it, gracefully end the conversation and try again later.

If he has smiling eyes, opens his posture (talking with his hands or sitting with his legs apart), mirrors your body language, or tilts his head and brushes his face while listening to you, then you're getting the green light.

Closing distance is important.  You don't need to get in his face, but gradually bring yourself closer as the conversation goes on.  If he seems comfortable, find ways to break the touch barrier without being too forward (like brushing against him, or touching his back or arm).

Above all, be yourself and relax.  Have fun - it's what getting to know someone is about.


9 years ago

One reminder: Be just a bit careful about how strongly you flirt. If you come across as more serious than you really are, you may either (a) scare some guys off, if they aren't ready to think about you that way, or (b) have someone think you're more serious than you intended, which can cause its own kinds of confusion.

Generally, just trying to get to know someone better will do the trick. Encouraging them to talk about themselves and their interests, actively listening (and asking questions that show you're paying attention)... basically, just try to get to know them better as a friend.

Teasing gets into advanced flirting, where you do have to be more careful about how what you're saying may be interpreted and how serious they think you are. Go easy on it until you've got a sense of how much that individual will accept as just playful. (And it does depend on the individual, as well as context and what's common in your area. In some social circles a backrub is just friendly; in others it may mean more than you want it to.)


9 years ago

In my experiance theres not much difference from talking and flirting (especially in my gfs eyes with other girls XD) just go and talk to whoever. it will naturally happen. which is bad. especially in front of your signifigant other. well gotta go back to sleeping on the couch. night....


it depend what you really want to do ....
i suppose that you're a girl ( hannah16 )
my answers could sound weird , but : i'm 32 and i'm not living in the USA.

1 : look in the eyes, try to have eyes contact
2 : no make up ( it's weird but scientists have found that you will sucess better without make-up )
3: listen to what he say and make him talk , to make someone talk just ask "open" questions , if he can answer by yes or no, it's a bad question.
4 some guys  are shy, if he don't seem interested, he's maybe very shy, try again
5 try to have physical contact : touch the hand ....

7 some guys like girls who talk a lot ( i do )
8 some guys ( most of them ) love to fix things and to solve problems  so, ask him for help.

9 it's midnight here i'm going to bed

i will try to think about your problem this night.


9 years ago

Direct eye contact and a nice smile.  Boys are chemically wired to respond to a smile and eye contact.