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how do i go about hooking up an old sound system? Answered

ok so heres the problem my family has a old sound system used for advertising ads within our small town now these speakers are old about 70w each i believe but theyre trumpet style and what i want to do is hook up my computer (laptop) to both speakers to play music and advertisments i know i cant just hook them up to my computer so i was wonering how do i do it? 
the sound system has been in use since around 1960 and only recently has the record player used gone kaput so i want to "modernize" it 
by hooking it up to my laptop 

the speakers look like this 

theres 2 of them one is 70W and the other i believe is a 40W
each have two leads 
i can solder and i will most likely have no problem finding parts so if theres anything i can make to power these two speakers to the them running so
all help is appreciated


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Quercus austrina
Quercus austrina

9 years ago

You need to take the "headphone out" and patch that into a "line in" on an amplifier. Then connect the speakers to the amp. Check to see if the speakers have a transformer at the input. If so, they were designed to be used with a (usually) 70 volt system (PA style). You can get around that and use a regular amp by connecting to the side of the transformer that is closest to the speaker itself.

You do realize that these types of speakers were meant for voice applications and the fidelity is pretty crappy - mostly midrange with little bass or treble. That may not be such a bad thing if you want ads run on them.