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how do i hook this up? Answered

i am working on a wireless project, and i got a wireless r/c chip for the remote. it is a common sctx2b, in the 14 pin variety. so i looked up the datasheet, aand it was in chinese. i translated it and found what i needed:

1 RIGHTB this pin grounded, select the right function
2 TESTB test side
3 GND power supply negative
4 BACK WARDB this pin grounded, check back function
5 FORWARDB this pin grounded, check the forward function
6 TURBOB this pin grounded, check the flip function
7 SC with a carrier frequency of the encoded signal output
8 SO not the encoding signal with carrier frequency output
9 VDD Positive Power Supply
10 PC power supply control output
11 OSCO oscillator output
12 OSCI oscillator input
13 FOSC test side
14 LEFTB this pin grounded, check the left function

so my question is, what do SC,SO,and Pc do? (7,8,10)
which one is the antenna?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Well, assuming I'm looking at the same datasheet as you (from alldatasheet, I assume), pins 7 and 10 are left disconnected. Easy. Pin 8 appears to be the encoded output of the chip - it connects to the big, crazy analog portion of the transmitter.


Answer 9 years ago

so i use 8 as the antenna and leave 10 and 7 unhooked? (what analog portion? i dont really see anything other than a couple capactors and some resistors on the board...)