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how do i hook up an audio potentiometer ? Answered

I have a bose comercial powered subwoofer. It plays good & strong, but it only has  treble & bass controls. On the back, in the j-box for the connetions, there are two screw terminals labeled "volume control". Went to Fry's & got a 10k audio pot, but it's got three prongs. Since there are only two screws, I'm at a bit of a loss on this one. The unit produces 350 watts @ 8 ohms, with hook ups for four satalite speakers. any ideas?



7 years ago

Mos t potentiometers have three prongs. Since your potentiometer is ten K three will be ten K of resistance between two of them. The resistance between the other wire and either of the first two will vary as you turn the knob. So you need to hook up one of the first wires and the third wire to your screws.

Hope This Helps.

Jack A Lopez

7 years ago

If you know the model number of this amplifier, you can probably look it up online, e.g.
Then in the text of the manual, search (Ctrl-F) for the word "potentiometer".  That will probably take you right to the section you're interested in.

BTW, that manual linked above describes how to connect potentiometers for volume control, but looks different than the amp you describe.  So you know, try to discover the model number of your thing.


7 years ago

Generally you don't have to worry about the third terminal. Try the outside two first. You really can't hurt anything, so just experiment. If you really must know which two terminals before you hook it up, use a multimeter. Let me know if you have any more questions. Good luck! :)