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how do i make a back lid screen? Answered

Hi there,

The idea:
I am building a kind of monopoly where the streets are back lid with led's and the houses will be custom 3D printed so that the houses light up from the inside. I will call it LEDopoly. It gives a nice feature to the game. but i'm not that far yet. Where i currently am is kind of a problem. The idea in my head was when i install some led's and cover the street with hot glue it will look pretty good.
The only problem is that the hot glue is both dimming the light and is not giving me the result i was hoping for.
In the picture it is not really clear to see, but you can clearly see that there is a light emitting from the side.
My idea was more that the streets would light up perfectly like a back light panel. The start, jail, Chance and Community Chest places etc. need some kind of back light too.

The question:
Is there a way to build some kind of back light / edge lid acrylic panel?

Greetings Ingmar from the Netherlands

Note: This project is still in alpha. The cover is just some ugly papers held together with tape to give an impression. The final version will have either a custom fabric top or a custom paper top but in one piece. Maybe you have some idea's? :)


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3 years ago

To get sharp spots of light you need to put the LED in a tube to prevent the light spreading. As in the illustration - (click for full size)

If you want to light squares you can make a box under the top screen to keep the light in the square. That way you minimise the light spread.

spot of light.jpg

3 years ago

Only one idea for the Chance and other card spot you could use a graphic LCD..