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how do i make a guitar pick up for acoustic guitar .easiest way possible? Answered

using the simplest and cost effective items.



10 years ago

You could try using a piezo buzzer element from Radio Shack. They cost about $1.00.

When you buy them they come in a plastic casing, as they're "made" to be used as buzzers for electronics, but if you take them apart, there is a little disk with two electric wires that can be used to pick up the vibration from the guitar.

Attach the piezo element behind the bridge of your guitar (inside or out) connect the wires to a 1/4" audio jack (female), use your standard 1/4" guitar cable to connect that to the amp.

Never tried it myself, so I can't vouch for it working, but I have hooked it up to my Laptops mic. input and it picked up some sounds.

Since your attaching it directly to your guitar body you'll pick up better vibration which should equal better sound reproduction.



Using the audio jack linked above, all could be done internally so you don't have the nasty wires waving about.

and if it doesn't work, your only out a few dollars.