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how do i make a scrump with out sewing if possible? Answered

please help




10 years ago

Googling "scrump" turned up only verbs -

1. "Screw + hump = Scrump
do you wanna go behind the bleachers and scrump"

2. "To steal fruit, especially apples, from a garden or orchard.
1994, Edward Bond, Edward Bond Letters: Vol 1, page 180
(we've all seen trees, and arent Adam and Eve condemned for having gone scrumping?...."

But the search did turn up one related noun -
"scrumpy (plural scrumpies)
(informal, British) A rough cider, normally more alcoholic than usual, and produced locally rather than by a large company"

And a noun phrase -
"scrump couch
Someone's couch, usually a friend's or someone who has people over a lot, which always ends up being the location of sex at the end of the night for the wasted party-goers crashing at the party.
Dude, I got dibs on the scrump couch tonight. Natalia and I had to scrog in the bathroom last night. or... Dude, no way I'm sleeping on that thing, that's the scrump couch!"

So either you need to leave a jug of apple juice in the cellar for a few years, visit a more adult-oriented website, or let us know what "scrump" means to you.


10 years ago

what's a scrump? those bathtime thingies for cleaning yourself?