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how do i make perfect restaurant style pizza cheese, the kind thats creamy and melts perfectly over the pizza? Answered

I have been making home made pizzas for a while and i've got everything but the cheese down, ive tried using parmesan and mozzarella together and it helps but its not good enough, mozzarella seems rather chewy and not what i;m looking for. would just and all parmesan be what im looking for or what? please help. :\



Best Answer 7 years ago

Real, authentic Italian pizza restauranteurs generally make their own mozzarella (versus what you get at a chain restaurant), and if you've tried it, you know its much better.

You can either check a local deli for homemade mozzarella, or try making your own. I'm sure there are many recipes online, however, a member here has posted a recipe if you want to give it a try. (I haven't tried it myself, so I can't tell you much about it, but its received a good rating).



Answer 7 years ago

fact is, many chain restaurants (I know domino's) is a culprit of using a lot of non-dairy additives to make their cheese a very specific consistency.

Using REAL mozza -is your best bet. :) remembering that different recipes of mozza will have different qualities. More milk fat = more expensive = usually more delicious.


7 years ago

I think i know what autor mean. You like the melted cheese, but isnt only mozarella there.
Mozarella seems to burn if you keep them longer in the oven, but here in Europe, we have a cheese type named Edam, it has a 40% fat and is very very melty, when you take the slice of pizza from plate the cheese still stretching :).
Altoughs, you can have same results with mozarella, but made one that has more fat % and not very dried.


7 years ago

I often use provolone and romano instead of mozzarella. The provolone melts quite nicely and they both have good pizza flavor.


7 years ago

Real, authentic, Mozzarella is made from water buffalo milk, not cows milk - its a key reason why fake doesn't taste or chew the same.