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how do i make shoes? Answered

I'm having difficulty in figuring out how to make shoes out of rubber sheets (for several costumes). Is there a basic pattern? Thanks!



8 years ago

modern shoes are built on a last to conform to the shape of the foot.
first you must make a sole from something(like rubber) 3-4 layers are good. glue together(all this presupposes you have made a pattern for the sole by tracing around your foot and adding up to 3/4s of an inch for socks and material thickness)and then make heel of boot to desired thickness and shape insame manner as sole. drill holes through sole and heel sections (in line)to accomodate nails.
drive nails same or slightly larger through aforementioned holes.place small washer over exposed nails and peen nails to make a tight fight.

voila! a simple boot sole. making a pattern for the uppers is a separate issue.


9 years ago

If it's just for costumes, I assume it doesn't matter much whether they fit or not. Just draw contours of feet, cut them out, stick a sheet with a "cave" on top. If you have enough sheet you can just screw around and make a crude shoe-thing. With the experience earned you can go on and improve on the next one.