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how do i mate platies or mollies? Answered

i really to have some fish babies, and i need a little help, i have a five gallon tank,and i have a silver molly, a crimsicle molly (sorry if i spelled it wrong) and a red wag platy, if i should get different type, tell me. I currently have all females, and my red wag platy is sick, so i figured hey, exchange it for a male, and fulfill my dream




Best Answer 10 years ago

Hi, you want to aim for about 3 females to every male. Have the correct temperature and water parameters (low ammonia, nitrite and nitrate and pH) and lots of hiding places for the babies like plants of even invest in a hatching box which just floats at the top of the tank. You put the female in just before she gives birth and the babies stay in the box till they're big enough not to get eaten by the others. If you live in the UK you can take a sample of water to your local Pets At Home store and they test it free of charge but make sure the water is not out the tank for longer than an hour before its tested otherwise it voids the results.


10 years ago

Hi, trust me as long is you have a male and 1-2 females together they will mate. If you have the right conditions you can get up to 50 offspring every month.