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how do i modify the ocarina of time ROM so it has cel-shaded graphics, or twilight princess graphics? Answered

exactly what the header says, i saw an instructable on how to do it but i can't fibd it or remember how to do it


i can legally download this particular ROM for an emulator (And about 20 others) due to the fact that i have legally purchased them, or have been given them, now, specifically, how can i do the graphics mod with an emulator download? i got a graphics shading pack, now what?


adding more clarity, and specificity, how do i modify the graphics in the nintendo 64 emulator Project64?


ok, the instructions on the following page DOES NOT WORK! so please do not refer me to it: http://fookhar.dk/2008/03/how-to-play-ocarina-of-time-with-cell-shading/



7 years ago

20 seconds of Googling takes me to LOADS of community content related to what you want to do. Please don't keep cluttering up the section with the same question. I have tried to answer it, no-one else can be bothered to reply. Asking it three times is a sure fire way to get people to ignore you in future.



Answer 7 years ago

20 MINUTES of googling, yahooing, asking, binging, and using every other search engine i could think of left me with nothing but pages after pages, after pages of worthless info on emulators, and ROMS, and where to find them. the reason i have posted it three times, is to get more answers. the first one, after two suggestions (Neither of which worked) no one else answered, so  i deleted it, and re-listed the question. i got another useless answer. i re-listed it again. and got  a very snide, and, again useless answer.i do believe that i will have to find a way to do it without any help. no matter, it will only add more fun to the process.