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how do i power el wire with a arduino? Answered

i need to be abole to power el wire with the arduino uno.or at lest turn it on/off. I have a cuple of el drivers.



4 years ago

Actually you can power EL wire with an arduino, using a relay too if you want to turn it off or even adjust the brightness slightly however adjusting the brightness with a relay between 10ms and 28ms seems to be the lowest audible click in the relay.

All you will need is a 3/5vdc to 12vdc step-up module and a 12vdc to AC inverter.

Once you have the 3/5to12vdc step-up inverter powered off the arduino's 3v and gnd pins you can then connect the 12vdc on the module to the dc to ac inverter and connect your inverter to the EL wire. I've tried this and it works, I even powered EL wire from USB using an digispark(digistump). Works pretty well too :)

EL wire powered from usb.jpg

7 years ago

You can control a EL wire like any ac load, with a relay, or a SSR. You cannot "power" it with a Arduino (limited to 3-5vdc devices).


7 years ago

EL wire needs High VAC in the range of 200VAC at 2KHz

Here is some EL WIRE data I just measured on three EL drivers

Unit_1 Single AA_Cell Battery
No_Load      300VAC 600Vpp  90us period  11.1KHz
Small_Load 150VAC 300Vpp 450us period   2.2KHz Sine

Unit_2 Two AA_Cells in series Batt.
No_Load  250VAC 500Vpp  40us period  25.0KHz
Full_load  100VAC 200Vpp 800us period   1.3KHz Sine

Unit_3 a 9VDC Battery
No_Load   200VAC 400Vpp 450us period   2.2KHz Sine
Full_Load  150VAC 300Vpp 450us period   2.2KHz Sine

Included are several waveforms 100 V/cm  . . . . . . .  A


7 years ago

Uhm... Do you want to _power_ the electroluminescent wire with an Arduino, or just turn it on and off with an Arduino? What effect are you actually trying to acheve?

(Have you looked at the Instructables which describe how to work with electroluminescent wire, and how to use an Arduino to control things? Insert slot A very fine and around tabbing 2...)