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how do i replace a faucet? Answered

I have a leaking faucet and would like to replace it.



10 years ago

A leaking faucet can often be fixed by replacing the o-rings inside it. There's likely a protective cap holding the handle's retention screws secret ;) As lemonie says - turn off the water supply. Pry off any covers, unscrew and remove the handles..., then look for a large (usually brass) nut holding the valve assembly in the faucet base. Once removed, look for the rubber o-ring. It's likely compressed, or cracked. Get a new one from the store, costs 1-2 dollars. Lubricate it with some petrolium jelly for ease of installation, then reverse the steps to reassemble. I can't be more specific without seeing what type of faucet you have.


Answer 10 years ago

also works == soap to lubricate the installation, this also prevents the petrolium jelly from coming off in your water supply.


10 years ago

You need to turn off the water supply first - make sure you can stop water coming out.
You then need to remove the handle (a screw in it somewhere usually)
Can you go that far and add a picture? (putting it back from there should be easy)