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how do i set up this 433mhz receiver to trigger a relay? Answered

i am considering buying this(http://www.dinodirect.com/Wireless-Remote-Control-Receiver-Board-Module-XY-R03A-1-currency-AUD.html)
433mhz rf receiver, to use on my rc tank as it has quite a long range transmission.
however, as people before me have stated who have purchased similar rf modules, it has no useable power outputs!
which leads me to believe that i have no idea on how to use it, and that it operates in a different way to the a normal 27mhz 2 channel receiver board, standard in all rc cars.

recently i have learnt that these require a decoder to give an output, is this true? if so, where do i get one
also, will any 433mhz transmitter work to operate these as i already posses one.

currently i cant find any information about these, all google will show me when i look anything up with the words 433mhz and module, is ads for chinese sellers selling these.

obviously they work somehow, otherwise the sellers would be shut down, i am just clueless as to how!



8 years ago

What about this one ?



Answer 8 years ago

1. its maximum transmision distance is 100m
2. it cvosts $17, i could get a second 4channel 400m wireless relay fo ebay for $15
3. i just want a compatible transmitter.

truthfully, i plan on buying two receivers, and using one of them for a remote detonator in my next electrical pull pin grenade, using this as a the secondary trigger.

i want to go cheap , but also cheap enough to be disposable.
i dodnt want to say that its for a grenade(one of its uses), because id get lots of spammy responses saying the danger of grenades.

still, i want to laern how these work,
or at least figure out how they work, and i havent got a huge pile of money to spend doing it.

so, is there any way of finding out what kind of transmitter that receiver would use if i went and bought it and looked at it in person?

accoding to the description, its fixed code, but because it doesnt say what kind, and the fact its frequency crystal is interchangeable, i asume all single channel receivers operate on the one band.

the pins VT, D3, D2, D1, D0, +5 V, GND , how do i set these up?
is vcc to gnd the input and output power supply? is d1,2.3 ect the positives for each channel with gnd being the universal negative?
or is vt and 5+ the inputs and outputs. its all very confusing doing this in theory

these are all things i want to learn


8 years ago

That is literally just a 433Mhz receiver, it has no other intelligence on board. It would need a decoder, and a matching encoding transmitter.

You'd be much better buying a proper multi channel RC set.


Answer 8 years ago

well then, would this one work with just any 433mhz transmitter?

i dont need multiple channels for this, its a simple on/off transmition that needs to be sent and thats it.
all my tank is missing is that last channel, it has 7 already.

433mhz sets including relay transmitter and receiver, ready to go out of the box, no matter where i go, all cost over $10-30,
clearly there must be some way to use this one i just gave the link for, to work with a relay?
also, if this doesnt work with standard momentary toggle 433mhz transmitters, how would i go about finding one that is compatible?