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how do i show my hidden files on my mac? Answered

i totally forgot and i am trying this awesome thing. plz respond quickly.




10 years ago

Contact your lawyer and ask them to draft a letter of request to Apple's legal department. Be prepared, in all likelihood your request will be denied on the grounds that a reely secrety an yet stupendously superior McIdea will be compromised as a result or the RIIA or some other Hollywood concern that's aprt of the MAcabal will lose profits in doing so...like those lowbrow Wintel jerks at Creative Labs and Diamond Multimeida that ripped off Apple's invention of the MP3 player 15 years or so before Apple released their amazing invention to the world ...hmm...something wrong with that logic, but I can't place my finger on it.

or ignore my tongue-in-cheek McRant and see this


Answer 10 years ago

Boy it sure is a lot of work to see those hidden files.


Answer 10 years ago

Apple is well known for it's superior obscuration