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how do i start game programming? Answered

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9 years ago

First off, have you even started programming yet, are do you just want to right now? Because if you want to create a game before even knowing anything, well, you're going to have a really tough time. Before you start a game, you need to find a program ( example: Java) and learn the basics.I also had to start with the basics before starting programming graphics/games.

By the way, I do mostly program with Java...

I hope I didn't answer to late. It's been quite a while since you posted this, and you might already have an answer. 


10 years ago

There are some books specifically on the topic. Which book is best will depend on what your skills are now and what kind of game you're interested in creating.


10 years ago

You need to learn a coding language... C# is really easy. I own a c++ book for game coding. C#, C++ or C would be the ones i would learn. Take your pick. Then you need to come up with an idea for a game... then code it.