how do i stop freshwater turtles eating my bait when fishing? Answered


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I recently discovered a creek running past woolworths in sarina, becomes extremely large and ive deduced it holds sufficiently large and quanitity enough fish for fishing. I went there last week using raw chicken as bait, being as it catches essentially everything everywhere, and i got an extremely big bite, which would have likely have been something like a perch or maybe even a barramundi, its possible given the creek does eventually turn to saltwater.

however, i found it to be a big nuiscance, because i was constantly reeling in turtles!
a nuiscance because if i left the bait in one place for more than 5 minutes a turtle would gobble it down, fortunately i was able to remove the hooks on all the turtles, but it was still anoying, because turtles arent fish.

How do i fish in a way in which i minimize, or considerably lower the likelyhood of catching turtles, whilst bait fishing?
ideally ide like to keep suing chicken as its cheap and just works everwhere.


Josehf Murchison

Best Answer 6 years ago

Everywhere it is different.

I never use chicken unless it is chicken livers and I’m fishing for leaches. (Bass bate.)

And here if we catch turtles we make soup. (Snapping turtles are legal to eat here.)

Since turtles eat fish, if there is turtles there are fish, try to find a spot where the river current first enters a pool. You can tell you have the right spot if you toss a small stick in the water and it moves upstream then slowly turns around and moves downstream, right where the stick turns is the spot you want to fish. Fish like spots like this because the river brings food downstream and deposits it where the water turns.

Turtles prefer still water so they can sit on the bottom and wait for a fish to swim by, they don’t like currents that can up root them as they wait for their dinner.

Now that is the turtles here in Canada.

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6 years ago

"Fish" for Turtles ..... ;-)


6 years ago

Don't leave the bait in one place. Move it around. Make it more enticing to the fish and harder for the turtles to get to it.