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how do i swirl paint a guitar? (more specifically just the paint used, please read details} Answered

more specifically.... i know how to prep my body...i know to get a big enough tub...and fill it with water and borax to separate the water......but i do not know what specific paint to use most say oil based paint but thats not a good answer because there oil acrylic, oil eurathane, etc and i figure there might be more options please help... and if your a pro post a tutorial!!!!! thanks!!!



10 years ago

Nope. Do you remember that old tv commerical about making your own decorator gift wraping paper? To swirl paint something, you get a container that's deeper than whatever you want to paint with. You fill it with water. You get the paint colors you want and then float them ontop of the water. To swirl paint a guitar, you have to strip everything off the guitar, make sure it's clean and whatever to the primer stage, then dip the guitar into the paint, thru the water and pull it back out and drip dry.