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how do i wire a transformer to a circuit? Answered

i would like to know how to wire a transformer into a circuit. Now when i say that i do NOT mean how do i wire a transformer as in build it, but wire as in connect it.

take a look at this can link get any smaller? of course! that says of course!

now i know that is a center tap transformer being used but i would also like to know how to wire a 4,5,6 pin transformer that gives a constant stream of electricity. and i would also like to know how to wire a flyback transformer



10 years ago

The reason your previous question on the same subject hasn't been answered is because no-one understands the question ! Hint: a transformer emphatically does NOT give "a constant stream of electricity" it HAS to give you electricity whose sign varies 50 ro 60 times a second. To make "constant" electricity you need a rectifier at least. A flyback transformer needs a special drive circuit to work. You wire the primary to the circuit and high voltages will appear on the secondary windings. Saying 4,5 or 6 pins doesn't say anything about the transformer - the internal connections could be "auto", split primary, split secondary, tapped primary tapped secondary or both. If you want people to click on your links, be nice to them. I can't be arsed clicking links where people are trying to be funny.