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how do plasma cutter power supplies work? Answered

i built a small stick welder, now i plan to build a plasma cutter i am going to buy the torch head because it seems it would be hard to make one(if anyone has an easy way to make a torch please tell me) but what i need to know is what goes into a plasma cutter power supply, right now i have 2 transformers (20 volts, about 30 amps) i know for plasma cutting i need DC current. how much voltage and current is needed. i don't plan on cutting any really thick metal this is just a little experiment i want to try. so can you please provide a schematic of a power supply and explain to me what the required outputs are



Answer 9 years ago

thanks!!!, i take it that was just posted cause i never saw that before, i mean i saw your site, but i am only 16 and i didn't have anyway to pay for the designs you had but this is great, i will probably build it eventually