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how do you build a weedeater rc car? Answered

the title says all i would like to be really cheap with no welding or special tools


the mechanical engineer

Best Answer 8 years ago

i would definantly use plywood for the body, then mount pneumatic tires on the front and back, and use a roller to power the right rear wheel from the weedeater. To keep steering, I would probably use a hijacked front end from an R/C car, and take the motor from the rear drive and tie a string to it to run the throttle.

if i just powered one wheel wouldn't want to turn and then it would be complicated to tune it right? but i would like to do something like that where i dont need gears or sprockets.

no it shouldn't. most small trucks and cars only have one wheel drive. if it dosent work then i would suggest mounting the motor parallel with the drive shaft in the middle of the chassi, and running a belt from the motor to the rear wheels. that way it will drive both wheels.


3 years ago

I would use a pressboard base with inflatable tires and a weedwhacker for an engine.


7 years ago

I have an 1/5 scale r/c truck that runs off a 23cc weed eater motor. It is an easy set up. The rear is driven by a clutch (once the spinning speed of the clutch reaches 800 rpm it engages the bell housing which turns the gears and in turn turns the differential gears to make it go forward.) The gears are important, if your motor makes out around 3000 rpms you will only go so fast, with the use of gears you can get more speed from the motor. If you choose to use a direct drive (chain from the crankshaft to the rear wheel), watch out, it will spin out and you might have broken parts from the torque.
For the steering get a good servo, also a servo saver (all hobby stores have them for gas or nitro powered r/c's. Get a strong servo. You will be puonding the ground hard and turning a beast like this is more difficult than your smaller r/c's.
One last thing. Invest the $20 to $30 for a fail safe. You don't want it to run from you if you lose radio contact. I have had it happen and it is not a good time.
Good luck


8 years ago

A complicated problem for an instructable answer - I would use ply wood for the chassis after that much depends on what you can get hold of.


Answer 7 years ago

I would build the frame of the chassie out of 40 PVC pipe and screw plexi-glass to the frame. Ive found alot of other RC parts at hobbyking.com
Just look under cars.