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how do you build basic knex gun mecanisims? Answered

I need just the basic layout of a knex clip pistol or rifle. please.




Best Answer 7 years ago

You want basic sidearm mechanisms, then scroll on over to TheDunkis' page and view some of his, because he's got quite a few of them from over the years. As for a rifle, you can probably go to Beanieostrich's or Blue Mullet's page, because their stuff is straightforward and easy to understand, plus they've got more than anyone will need in terms of number(seriously). I know that Oodalumps has a guide to mechanisms somewhere on KI that's excellent as well. Basic idea is this: ram rod weapon, ram is pulled back and something moves up and blocks the ram from moving forward and is then moved out of the way so the ram can move again, thus striking a round when released. You will find a lot of these, and KillerK's pistol is the easiest to see this on. Slingshots will either hold a rubberband back and fling it or hold the round back and then let it fly forward. These are the basic concepts(very, very basic) and looking around at some of the things I mentioned will build physical ideas in your head, so take a look.