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how do you change the OS of a powerbook duo? Answered

I have a powerbook duo 230 and I am wondering if there is a way to change the operating system. if anybody has tips on how to do this, your help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



Best Answer 7 years ago

Um... probably not... I don't think it could handle any of the systems that are out today. Just invest in a new computer... that thing has seen better days. Personally, I don't really like mac... so I would recommend a netbook. It will have a lot more power than that old thing, and it would only cost around $200-$300 (US).

Bottom line:
If you are thinking of putting a really old OS on it, (for educational purposes) then it shouldn't be a problem. But the newer systems will not be able to operate on it.

Winged Fist

7 years ago

This machine is coming up on it's 20th birthday in October, 2012! One more year and it can drink legally in most states;-)

The maximum upgrade you could put on it is some flavor of MacOS 7. (Up to 7.6.1), if you can find the floppies. (You might also find an upgrade on one of the pirate websites).

I have fond memories of the day when an operating system could fit on a floppy disk or two, compared to the 21st Century Mac Os's that run into the many gigabytes!

But as a useful tool for any kind of everyday computing, with a 33 MHz processor, the Mac Duo is really a dinosaur;-)

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