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how do you detect whether a computer is on a lan network in a computer lab ? Answered

and is it possible to detect pendrive insertion on main computer when on lan ?


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9 years ago

There are programs that can scan a LAN and identify the other computers on it. However they will not tell you more than the IP #,s and possibly the computer name.
Plugging in a USB drive is a local computer event. It is not something that is broadcast across a network. The only way for you to even know if it happens would be for you to be remotely logged onto the particular computer and that won't happen unless you have specific permission. The only exception that I know of is if you are THE domain administrator. A domain server can and does override local machine security. It in effect sets the domain policy, such as in deploying the group policy to all computers on the domain. As such it also has remote access to all computers on the network. If you are the domain administrator you can access the server from any workstation and thus access any other computer. Domain administrators do not share their accounts with anyone, period, so don't even bother to ask even if you know who it is.