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how do you get pass school blocks without proxyies? Answered

my school has a proxy bolck on all major media social network and i am trying to get pass it so that i can acess facebook, twitter, my space ect and i can't because we can't download things exspecially proxies or we will get supended


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8 years ago

For the love of all things good : spelling
Anyway, schools have cracked down on proxies by watching kids do it.
One thing you could do is join your school computer class and hopefully it runs on diff network or you just have and amazing teacher.
Another thing you could do is make your home computer a logmein or VNC server to access. (I use my raspberry pi and my schools netwrk admin thought it as so cool that I made it he didn't kick me off haha) other than that just wait till you get home or use phone. Its not worth it.