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how do you go about hosting a music show? Answered

Me and a couple of friends are looking to bring alittle culture to our small town. We havea venue, some mics, some amps and some people who are willing to perform music for free for the first few shows.Is there anything else we need other then advertising? Am I missing something important?




Best Answer 10 years ago

If this is a big event and money needs to change hands like ticket admission or "donations" to the venue, there may be some legal things to look out for, may be good to get advice from the local government on planning a public event: Do you need an event permit? If it is public, you may need to be aware of the laws and responsibilities of having and event (crowd control, size of crowd permitted, fire code compliance, security, is food/alcohol being served? concession stands, toilets, garbage, indoor/outdoors, contingency planning, insurance or bond to hold an event...) Do the artists/talent need to be under contract? Backup talent. Can you get or want a sponsor? Do you need to get work crews to handle the sound/equipment changes. Stage setup? Do you need to have other incentives to see the show like door prizes or raffles, etc. I don't know how big or cooperative a town you have or details on what kind of event but appoint a group spokesman or leader to get things done. Good luck.


10 years ago

Been there. That is basically all you need in my experience. Promotion is the biggest thing for you at this point. (Along with scheduling the event) Be sure to have everything somewhat scheduled. I had mine down to the minute, but it was admittedly a little unnecessary.