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how do you iron a suit coat. The sleaves and shoulders are impossible.? Answered


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12 years ago

I don't know if my approach is the proper one, but for a men's suit coat I do the same thing I do with a man's shirt, which involves pulling the sleeve over the pointed end of the ironing board and progressively rotating the whole suit around that point, ironing small areas at a time as they can be flattened out. Repeat on the other side. That handles the junction of the sleeve and body, which is the complicated part. For the rest of the sleeve, I just flatten it out on the ironing board and iron the top layer as it rests on the bottom layer, making sure that I either iron the crease in at the right place (if it had a crease, which it usually does) or that I do the same kind of rotate-and-iron-what-can-be-ironed-safely routine. I suppose one could make a longer-nosed ironing board to handle the whole sleeve more easily, but I've never seen one and I've never seen a need. (Actually, to be completely honest, my usual solution is to avoid clothes that need to be ironed. The suit gets worn only about four times a year, and for that infrequent usage I can afford to throw it at a dry-cleaners' and let them deal with it.)