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how do you kill fleas in my carpet? Answered

i have a dog and hes bring fleas into the house




8 years ago

Do as ork said. As for some more advice, you will need to do some cleaning. You need to vaccume your rugs, carpet, beds, couch, chairs, pet beds, wash all the laundry and any other thing or place that can harbor fleas. You should do this for about 6-10 days to make sure your getting the adult and larval fleas. Constant vaccuming will help to keep the populations down but as long as the dog is going outside he will bring them in if hes not treated. Give the dog/s a flea bath. Also you should look into treating the areas outside where the dog goes to limit them around your pet as much as possible. They make bug treatment stuff you can put on the lawn that will help. Read all warning lables, follow all directions, and consult with the vet. Have fun cause this can be a itchy problem to deal with.


8 years ago

Simplest is to prevent a flea infestation in the first place -- flea collar or flea drops on the pet's neck will generally kill them before they can lay eggs.

But if they've gotten established in the house... There are insecticidal carpet shampoos made for this purpose. Follow the instructions EXACTLY. In particular, it will take at least two treatments, one to kill the adult fleas, and another after a specific delay to kill any new ones that hatch out.

Ask your vet to recommend brands which are effective and safe.

For that matter, you could (and perhaps should) have asked your vet this question in the first place. Anything that affects your pet's health is within a vet's scope of expertise, and they're unlikely to charge you for this kind of general advice (though they may want to sell you treatments which they stock -- and that's generally fine).

Remember, free medical advice on the Internet, even for pets, must be considered suspect. at best. ALWAYS ask the doctor.