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how do you make a 12 volt heating element? Answered




3 years ago

I have made one of this type of heater that fits into your car cup holder and plugs into your power acc. port. It gets up to 1000 degrees f in a matter of 30 seconds. You can use it as a stand alone heater or to heat the car up in half the time. The trick is to calculate the watts, amps and current. My heater is a approx. 100 watt and pulls 7.5 to 8 amps. and puts out 1000 degrees. This is a radiant heater with no fan and heats up the objects in the car and not the whole car. It took me a while to figure out how not to melt my cup holder but is now very safe. I have been using the heater for three years now with no problems because there are no moving parts to go bad. It costs about $50.00 to make.


8 years ago

may be you can convert 220 v element to 12 volt element but I (Amp) increse.


10 years ago

long strip or wire of bad conductor (like steel packaging band used to pack bricks / thin iron wire / nicrome wire)

to convert 120 / 240 V heating element add 8 / 18 center taps and connect + - to them in alterating order. less taps for lower power

12 V lightbulb in a box

high power 12 / 24 V halogen floodlight - not exactly heating element but heats alot everything placed in front of it

heating elements are usually high power. at 12 V they will take huge current (A = W / V)