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how do you make a guide? Answered

im wondering how you can make a guide, ive searched alot, but i cant find a guide for USB's, so i was thinking of making a guide for it. i recall asking one of the members, but i dont remember who?



Best Answer 10 years ago

You must have searched very little.

Type "Make a Guide" into the Instructables search box (the little white text box in the upper right corner of every page), and you get LOTS of hits. From those results, if you change the pulldown menu to "Forum Topics" (so you can see if anyone else has asked your question), and the VERY FIRST HIT is someone else asking the question How to make a guide?.

Type "USB Guide" into the Instructables search box and the VERY FIRST HIT is the already publishe USB Guide.


7 years ago

pass the mouse over the menu "create".
will appear some options. down in the left there are 6 small orange squares. the top right say "guide" you click it and make a guide