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how do you make the bracelet with one color on the inside and another on the outsided? Answered

i have seen survival bracelets with 2 different colors and am wondering if any one could show me how to do that or where i could find out how to



9 years ago

Hi, Do you know how to make this without using the King Cobra knot. I think the King Cobra is to wide for a small child (Im making this for my son).


10 years ago

From what i can see that looks like a king cobra stitch on top of a cobra stitch/Solomon bar
i would recommend looking at Stormdrane's stuff like
then once you complete the first row level of cobra stitches flip it over
(if your using paracord i guess you can use gutted for the king cobra stitch and slide that over the ends of the ungutted one used in the cobra stitch) and do the cobra stitches on top of the first one making a king cobra stitch
then once you reach the end with that go back once more and do another king cobra stitch over the king cobra stitch
hope this helps and heres the one i made with one color rope